Yoga is truly for anyone and anywhere! It is a moment you give to yourself, it is those moments, which can be a full hour yoga session, a 10 minute meditation, or even just one deep breath, that really reconnects us to our bodies, our clarity and peacefulness , and our present. 

Those moments when we let ourselves just inhale, and be, exhale, and be, we can learn to surrender, to trust and feel at ease in life and open up to who we really are..

My passion is to support anyone, wanting to take that moment for themselves, 


Each one's unique body and mind, works different, and through our lifetime  both our bodies and mind  will go through changes and phases. My private class in the comfort of your own home or dedicated space will therefore be tailored to your own needs:

-If you want to:

- give yoga a shot and are a complete beginner, we will walk through basics at your own speed.

- increase flexibility and strength

- decrease stress levels and anxiety

-work on your breathing & meditation

- focus on alignment, technique and specific  "asanas" postures.

-or just in need of a good stretch and time dedicated for YOU!

Private one on One sessions available or groups. 

For Group sessions Studio space is available depending on schedule..

I bring mats and props for your needs, and all you really need is your presence and then its time to get present! 

*all classes are subject to a 24hrs cancellation policy. 

*Credit card/ paypal/ venmo/ cash accepted

Corporate office yoga:

bringing the benefits to the corporate environment with a 30/45/60 minute class:

-lower stress levels

-stretch out your back, shoulder, chest and wrists

-improve posture

-improve memory and concentration

-reboot and reboost and find your breathe in to increase productivity 

Mats optional, comfy clothing recommended!

If there is a space to breathe, we will make it work with the space you have!


for further questions or inquiries and to schedule


Depending on studio availability I will be teaching 

Sundays @5pm-6pm @ABC Sanctuary  

 638 East 6th  street , 3rd FL, New York, NY 10009


check dates below for future classes And Events:





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