My own yoga journey started with a VHS tape by Rodney Yee and a few classes here and there.. Then a friend asked me to come to a Bikram class in 2002. Not knowing exactly what I was heading into,  I attended my first class. I had always been flexible, but at almost 6ft, I blamed my long legs for not being able to touch my toes. However, It just felt right. somewhere in class, I remember standing on one leg, and the rest of my body  bending and stretching, I felt this sense of peace, an inner calm. Living in today's fast paced world, and on top of it right in the middle of New York City,  That feeling of inner calm and peace was what kept me going back for more! 

Born in Sweden, but with 19 years in New York City, I have been working as a model since i was 14. I love my job, the traveling,  the people,  and never knowing where it will take me next! Practicing yoga is what helps me to stay healthy, grounded, and strong, mentally and physically.

Through the next decade, my hot yoga had become my treat. that time on the mat,  was my little "get away" in New York City. It was quiet and peaceful and my overloaded and overwhelmed senses could relax, Specially after a long  flight, or a long week of shooting -My body and my mind needed it! I just had to go, and every walk home after class I felt like I was floating! years after that, and through exploring different styles of yoga, and having tried to get everyone I know with me to practice, I did something I had longed for, in 2015 I travelled to Cahuita , Costa Rica, for a  200hr Yoga teacher training, with the awesome Marianne Wells Yoga School (RYS). It was humbling, scary and intense, but life changing!

Yoga is something that brings me so much happiness, health and harmony. We all deserve to live our lives in the most blissful state! yoga is an amazing awakening, letting go but yet soaking it in! 




200hr Certified with  Marianne Well Yoga School RYS

Jan 17th 2015


Registered with Yoga Alliance RYT 200